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Studies on a bottle filling machine indicates it fill bottles to a mean of 16 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.10 ounces. What is the process specification, assuming the Cp index of 1?

Reference no: EM13251739

Which one does a project manager have least control over

Which metric does a project manager have most control over: cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance index, and schedule performance index? Explain how so. Which o

Communicate the status of quality during a project

While cost and time are critical components of projects, how would you define the quality of a project? Provide some examples of project reporting metrics a project manager

What is the optiaml value for x

If we have a stochastic model with a= 3, 4, 5, or 6 as the possible values for the number of hours required per unit, what is the optiaml value for x? What problems does thi

What is the capacity of the assembly line per hour

DHP is a company that assembles and sells computers. Suppose DHP has only one sequential process to produce PCs. Under the current process layout, each step has one worker a

Draw the context diagram and level-0 dfd to model the proces

Draw the context diagram and level-0 DFD to model the process described below. If you feel the narrative is incomplete, make some reasonable assumptions to complete the stor

What decision would he make

As Nick does not know how his product will be received, he assumes that all three states of nature are equally likely to occur. If he uses the equally likely criterion, what

What mode of treatment maximizes the expected value

Patient survives treatment but is permanently disabled, and 3. Patient fails to survive treatment. Dr. Mac has prepared the decision table below. What mode of treatment maxi

Draw a cash flow diagram

He would like to earn 10% interest compounded quarterly on his investment because interest rates in the economy have risen since the bond was issued. How much should Sam be


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