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Case Study - WOW: (out of) Sight & Sound?

Assessment Tips

These tips may seem pedantic and ‘picky', however writing in University's is an ancient tradition (art) and has formal processes. These processes are proven and will ultimately help your written communication skills in a practical sense along with making your journey through University a smoother one. Many assessments will tell you how to format and on occasion there will be minor deviations from the norm, so always check with your tutor or convener. Often the formatting, referencing and research will hold a marking component of your assessment, so to get this right is a positive and will prevent giving away crucial marks.

Writing Assessment two:

Before you commence writing ask yourself the following questions:

•What is the problem or potential problem in the Case Study?

•Now go and do your research, the nextthree questions will be answered whilst conducting your research.

•What are the two possible arguments/ themes?

•What is the best solution to the problem/potential problem?

•What will the recommendations be for the organization?

Formattingof your assessments

The report should have the following as well as the GU cover sheet as the first page:

Cover page - GU process when entering the submission point

1. Title page

2. Executive Summary

3. Table of Contents

4. Introduction

5. Management Problem Identification

6. Body / Discussion (this is where the argument/critical evaluation is developed and use of relevant sub headings is appropriate)
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3 (these sections are up to you and your critical analysis of concepts and theories)

8. Conclusion

9. Recommendations

10. References (not included in word count).

Attachment:- WOW Case Study.rar

Reference no: EM131048578

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