What is the probability that she will be able to complete

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A statistics student plans to use a TI-84 Plus calculator on her final exam. From past experience, she estimates that there is 0.92 probability that the calculator will work on any given day. Because the final exam is so important, she plans to use redundancy by bringing in two TI-84 Plus calculators. What is the probability that she will be able to complete her exam with a working calculator? Does she really gain much by bringing in the backup calculator? Explain.

Reference no: EM132184461

Number of blemishes on each piece

In checking the quality of the work, she notices that some slight blemishes occasionally are apparent. A sample of 20 pieces of work resulted in the following number of blem

Simulation and compare the average

Intuition suggests that X will be close to n p. To see if this is true, we can repeat this experiment many times and average theX values. Carry out a simulation and compare th

Effects of three different methods for losing weight

Scenario: Dr. Olson is interested in the effects of three different methods for losing weight in long-distance truck-drivers. He tested a sample of 60 truck drivers. Partici

Find the standard deviation of the regression model

The owner of an apartment building in Minneapolis believed that her property tax bill was too high because of an over assessment of the property's value by the city tax

Distribution makes matter of how to teach very tricky

Bimodal distribution with a very large standard deviation for the population. For most teachers such a distribution makes the matter of how to teach very tricky.

Test concerning proportions

Twenty one out of 100 randomly selected women said they use seat belts, while 117 out of 180 men said the same. Test the claim that men are more safety conscious than women

Model the state of system as a ctmc

A shock can cause the failure of component 1 alone with probability p, component 2 alone with probability q, both components with probability r, or have no effects with prob

Systolic measurement and diastolic measurement

Construct a scatterplot, find the value of the linear correlation coefficient r, and find the P- value using a= 0.05. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that there is


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