What is the probability that neither of them chose

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Among respondents asked which is their favorite seat on a plane, 490 chose the window seat, 6 chose the middle seat, and 300 chose the aisle seat(based on data from USA Today).

a). What is the probability of randomly selecting 1 of the surveyed people and getting one who did not choose the window seat?

b). If 2 of the surveyed people are randomly selected, what is the probability that neither of them chose the middle seat?

Reference no: EM132184458

The solver to find the optimal order quantity

Tim Madsen is the purchasing agent for Computer Center, a large discount computer store. He has recently added the hottest new computer, the Power model, to the store's stoc

Find responding to changes in unobserved third variable

Suppose the correlation between two variables x and y is due, in part, to the fact that y is responding to changes in some unobserved third variable. What is this due to?

Estimate that the average return on money

Given CAPM as the benchmark, is either of the two managers over-performing the market? What if you use the Sharpe Ratio as benchmark? Explain the answer carefully.

What are the chi-square results

What are the Chi-square results? What are the expected and the observed results that were found? Are they results of the Chi-Square significant? What do the results mean?

The probability of rejecting the null hypothesis

What is the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when there are four groups, the sum of the squared treatment effects is 6, the error variance is 3, the group sample

Average commuting time for citizens

The Bureau of the Census reports that the average commuting time for citizens of both Baltimore, Maryland, and Miami, Florida is approximately 29 minutes (uMiami=29 and uBal

What proportion of these 25-year-old males will live past 75

Suppose that the population of 25-year-old American males has an average remaining life expectancy of 50 years with a standard deviation of 5 years and that life expectancy

Characteristics of integer programming problems

Critically discuss the characteristics of integer programming problems. Provide specific instances in which you would use an integer programming model rather than an LP mode


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