What is the probability that annual return on company stocks

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The annual returns on AAA stocks are normally distributed with an average historical return of 17.3% and a standard deviation of 33.4%. What is the probability that annual return on small-company stocks is between 10% and 30%?






Reference no: EM13879458

Expected to pay dividends-what is the current share price

Lohn Corporation is expected to pay the following dividends over the next four years: $17, $13, $12, and $7.50. Afterward, the company pledges to maintain a constant 5 percent

Odd dividend policy-current share price

Maloney, Inc., has an odd dividend policy. The company has just paid a dividend of $2 per share and has announced that it will increase the dividend by $6 per share for each o

Gain or loss if the company is liquidated

Individuals Lloyd and Grace form an S corporation, with Lloyd contributing cash of $100,000 for a 50% interest, and Grace contributing appreciated ordinary income property (ad

What is expected share price as consequence of this decision

In the past, Sunnyfax Publishing paid out all its earnings as dividends. When the stock market opened for trading today, Sunnyfax's share price was $38 and earnings for the ye

What is equivalent annual annuity of most profitable project

Carlyle Inc. is considering two mutually exclusive projects. Both require an initial investment of $15,000 at t = 0. Project S has an expected life of 2 years with after-tax c

Compute the annual rate on the real bond

The price of a 10-year $100 par zero coupon inflation-indexed bond is $88.91. A real-estate property is expected to yield 2% per quarter (nominal) with a SD of the (effective)

Current exchange rate between the dollar and the yen

The Japanese supplier has agreed to give Jenkins payment terms of net 90. The Japanese firm insists that payments be made in yen. The current exchange rate between the dollar

Observe that a company has entered into futures contracts

You observe that a company has entered into futures contracts where the company is obligated to sell more of the commodity it produces than the volume they actually expect to


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