What is the probability january theory could occur by chance

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According to the "January theory," if the stock market is up for the month of January, it will be up for the year. If it is down in January, it will be down for the year. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, this theory held for 24 out of the last 34 years. Suppose there is no truth to this theory; that is, the probability it is either up or down is 0.5.

What is the probability this could occur by chance?

Reference no: EM13208578

How many different formulas for allocating a reduction

How many different formulas can you think of for allocating a reduction in global CO2 among the nations of the world? Compare and contrast these in terms of efficiency and e

Express null hypothesis to be tested in terms of ßa and ßb

Let βˆ A and βˆ B denote the slopes of the least-squares lines. Assume these slopes are independent. There are 120 observations in each data set. Test the null hypothesis in

Determine the impact of an increase in income

Suppose a cost minimizing firm wihses to change its scale of production and needs to know the combination of labor and capita to employ. If the firs's total cost outlay is $

Calculate the profit-maximizing monopoly price and quantity

Suppose that a monopolists market demand is given by P = 100 - ?2Q and that marginal cost is given by MC = Q/2. a)Calculate the profit-maximizing monopoly price and quantity.

What is the future worth of the investment in year-0-dollars

General price inflation is estimated to be 3% for the next 5 years, 5% the 5 years after that, and 8% the following 5 years. If you invest $10,000 at 10% for those 15 years,

Compute the income effect for good

An economic bad is something you don't want to consume, i.e. less bad is better. Define an economic bad mathematically and name one economic bad in reality. Suppose you had

Calculate the unemployment rate 2001

In 2001, Statistics Canada estimated the labor force at 16,109.8 thousand, employment at 14,946.2 thousand, and the working-age population (15+ years of age) at 24,444.3 tho

Why the demand line slopes downward from right to left

a. The opportunity cost of 1x of moving from combination B tocombination D is 2z. b. The opportunity cost of 1x of moving from combination F tocombination D is 0z. c. The econ


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