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Raphael Restaurant is considering the purchase of a $12,000 soufflé maker. The soufflé maker has an economic life of five years and will be fully depreciated by the straight line method. The machine will produce 1,900 soufflés per year, with each costing $2.20 to make and priced at $5. Assume that the discount rate is 14 percent and the tax rate is 34 percent. Should Raphael make the purchase?

After year 5, Raphael Restaurant's free cash flow will grow at a rate of 3.5% indefinitely. If Raphael has $13,000 in debt and 350 shares of common stock outstanding, what is the price per share?

Reference no: EM132185039

Compute the balance in accounts receivable

Orion Corporation reported accounts receivable totaling $3,500. During the month, the corporation had credit sales of $5,000 and collected cash on accounts of $6,000.

Would a prohibition of the company selling new shares

After all, any shareholder who wanted to maintain proportionate ownership might simply buy shares in the open market. Would a prohibition of the company selling new shares t

How much would you pay for a promise to be received one year

What is your personal discount rate or rate of preferences? That is, how much would you pay for a promise of $1,000 to be received one year from now? Would you discount it b

The tax formula for individuals

Leslie is a single taxpayer who is under age 65 and in good health. For 2014, she has a salary of $23,000 and itemized deductions of $1,000. Leslie is entitled to one exe

Question on foreign exchange and derivatives

Examine the impact of foreign exchange and derivatives markets on Honeywell Inc. and the countries (India and Brazil)in which the Honeywell Inc. is considering expansion.

Normal population with a mean

A random sample is selected from a normal population with a mean of u=30 and a standard deviation of o=8. After a treatment is administered to the individuals in the sample

Explain the meaning of each of the 2008 disclosures

Estimate the balance sheet carrying amount of the investments in associates disposed of during 2008. (Hint: Attempt to recreate the activity in the "investments in associate

Create equity statement for ulrich in two scenarios

Ulrich Inc.'s Articles of Incorporation authorize the firm to issue 500,000 shares of $5 par-value common stock, of which 325,000 shares have been issued. Create the equity


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