What is the price of a three-month european put option

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The price of a non-dividend paying stock is $19 and the price of a three-month European call option on the stock with a strike price of $20 is $1.2. The risk free rate is 4% per annum. What is the price of a three-month European put option with a strike price of $20.

Reference no: EM131087907

The company underwriters charge spread

The Valhalla Corporation needs to raise $64 million to finance its expansion into new markets. The company will sell new shares of equity via a general cash offering to raise

Long-term government bonds-small company stocks respectively

The total annual returns on large company common stocks averaged 12.3% from 1926 to 2011, small company stocks averaged 17.4%, long-term government bonds averaged 5.8%, while

What is the sensitivity of the npv to the price and quantity

What is the sensitivity of the NPV to the price? and quantity? Two parts. Price and quantity. McGilla Golf is evaluating a new golf club. The clubs will sell for $875 per set

Identifying the risk and return relationship

To determine how well an investment is doing, it is important to take into account its return and risk. Rational investors seek to obtain the highest amount of return from an

Calculate the operating cash flows for the new project

Assume that a new project will annually generate revenues of $2,300,000 and cash expenses (including both fixed and variable costs) of $700,000, while increasing depreciation

Annual expense ratio is netted out of the funds return

You purchased 5,400 shares in the New Pacific Growth Fund on January 2, 2010, at an offering price of $63.90 per share. The front-end load for this fund is 5 percent, and the

Equipment costs-what is the profit for the company

ABC company is to sell a piece of equipment for 100,000$, the company will receive the payment five years from today. The equipment costs 70,000$ to produce. If the appropriat

Federal-plus-state corporate tax rate

Fredrickson Corp. has $10 million of 5% bonds outstanding. Assume that all of the MM assumption is met, and the firm is subject to a 38% federal-plus-state corporate tax rate.


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