What is the price elasticity of demand

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Suppose equilibrium price in the market is $30, and the marginal revenue is $20. What is the price elasticity of demand?

Reference no: EM132201010

Lilly watches are not distinguishable from her competitors

Lilly is at Times Square in New York selling watches. she is one of over 100 watch suppliers in central Manattan, and there are naturally many potential buyers that stroll dow

Information about developing country

Assume the growth rate of income is 10% and the growth rate of population is 5.83%? Consider the following information about a developing country: Income per capita Life expec

Questions concerning data dictionary entries

What are the problems created by going directly to the manager with questions concerning data dictionary entries? Use a paragraph to list the problems you can see with your

What is the marginal benefit of the eight snickers bar

A snickers bar costs $1.00 each at the concession stand at Notre Dame football games. Amanda revealed how much she is willing to pay for each snickers sold at the concession s

Considering a decrease in the real interest rate

Recently, there has been a spate of instability throughout the world. The immigration crisis in the EU, and the political instability in parts of the Middle East. Explain intu

Nuances and intricacies of nineteenth and twentieth century

Write 3-4 paragraphs pertaining to the theme below, be detailed on your work: The nuances and intricacies of nineteenth and twentieth century political and economic ideology T

What is the real interest rate that herb will in fact pay

There is persistent fear that there will be a high level of deflation. Many economists warn that it may be worse for the economy than if there is high inflation. Let\'s work t

Define carefully what is meant by demand schedule or curve

Define carefully what is meant by a demand schedule or curve. State the law of downward-sloping demand. Illustrate the law of downward-sloping demand with two cases from you o


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