What is the present value of these cash flows

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Assume that you will receive $2,000.00 a year in year 1 through 5; $3,000.00 a year in years 6 through 8; and $4,000.00 in year 9. All of the cash flows will be received at the end of the year. If you require a 14% rate of return, what is the present value of these cash flows? Please show calculations.

Reference no: EM13279001

Dtetermining the gain for the swiss franc bid rate

Assume the bid rate of a Swiss franc is $.57 while the ask rate is $.579 at Bank X. Assume the bid rate of the Swiss franc is $.560 while the ask rate is $.566 at Bank Y.

Details regarding annuity

Sam deposited $1,000 dollars today in a fixed-rate, tax-deferred annuity, which guarantees an 8% return with quarterly compounding. Find out the value of the annuity at matur

What is the net present value of project

An interest expense of $11,000 will be incurred annually. The project has a life of 3 years. At the end of the three years, the equipment has an estimated market value of $2

Calculating tcm free cash flows

TCM Petroleum is an integrated oil company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The following are the information on its income statements for 2007 and 2008 (all dollar figur

What would the equal monthly payments be

The terms of the loan require that your friend make 12 equal end-of-month payments each year for 6 years, and then an additional final (balloon) payment of $5,500 at the end

What is the company abc wacc

Company ABC has debt of $300M (market value) with a YTM of 7%, and its equity market value is $700M with a beta of 1.5. If the market risk premium is 5% and the risk free ra

The overall rate of return of her investment

Fran's investment grew from $6,885 to $21,845 in 11 years. What was the overall rate of return of her investment? (Use percent form with two decimal places in your answer.)

How many votes are requried to elect one director

If the company uses a majority voting procedure to elect its board, how many votes are requried to elect one director, two directors and a majority of the members of the board


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