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"What is the present value of $62000 to be received in 7 years if the interest rate is 8 percent?" "How much would Ihave to invest now in order to receive $62000 after 7 years, given an interest rate of 8 percent?" Are the answers to these questions the same, different or it is impossible to say? Explain your answer in a couple of sentence.

Reference no: EM131396062

Calculate the amount of interest revenue

On April 1, 2015, a company loans one of its suppliers $53,000 and accepts a 30-month, 12% note receivable. Calculate the amount of interest revenue the company will recognize

The tax increases necessary to fund future social security

The tax increases necessary to fund future Social Security and Medicare benefit payments would be. Active changes in tax and spending by government intended to smooth out the

Increase in the target value of the federal funds rate

Imagine working at the Trading Desk at the New York Fed. Explain whether you would conduct open market purchases or sales in response to each of the following events. Justify

Find the unemployment rate for the nation

The unemployment rate of western states is 4.9%, for eastern states it is 6.2%, for southern states it is 4.6%, and for Midwestern states it is 6%. The western states comprise

What rate of return-in terms of nominal annual rate

Your cat just won the local feline lottery to the tune of 3000 cans of "9-Lives" cat food (assorted flavors). A local grocer offers to take the 3000 cans and in return, supply

Developing a new drug-what price do you charge the public

Your firm spent $100 million developing a new drug. It has now been approved for sale, and each pill costs $1 to manufacture. Your market research suggests that the price elas

Is the increase in standard of living the result of workers

Is the increase in standard of living the result of workers are making more money OR that their money is worth more because supply is higher with the increased productivity. I

Economy experienced stagflation

In the 1970s, the economy experienced stagflation - a situation where prices rise but output falls. In the short run, then, stagflation must be caused by. In the long run, the


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