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In a recent study on stress and coping, researchers found that people facing a terrible problem (ex. taking care of a terminally ill family member) were better off if they could take a psychological “time out” by allowing themselves time to enjoy ordinary events. These were simple events such as admiring a beautiful sunset or pausing to think about a compliment they had received from someone else. They also took time to plan positive events, and to interpret neutral events in a positive way (ex. by looking for the humor in a situation). Personally, I have a “Holly’s Happy Email Folder”. Whenever I am having a rough work day, I read through positive emails I have received in the past and they always cheer me up! 1) Describe a time when you have done this for yourself. If you have not taken a “time out” for yourself, explain whether you think this could be a useful strategy for you. 2) Explain how you could utilize this “time out” strategy the next time you face a long term (or even short term) cause of stress, such as a difficult supervisor or co-worker. 3) What is the potential down side to this strategy? 4) Explain how your job satisfaction or dissatisfaction can be directly linked to the attitude of others. Provide an example from a job you currently have, or one you have had in the past.

Reference no: EM131419334

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