What is the p-value of the self-serve gasoline stations

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An automotive expert claims that the large number of self-serve gasoline stations has resulted in poor automobile maintenance, and that the average tire pressure is more than 4 pounds per square inch (psi) below its manufacturer's specification. As a quick test, 50 tires are examined, and the number of psi each tire is below specification is recorded. If we assume that tire pressure is normally distributed with σ = 1.5 psi, can we infer at the 10% significance level that the expert is correct? What is the p-value?

Reference no: EM1387813

Employees voted for president bush

a. How many of the employees would you expect to have voted for President Bush? b. All of the employees indicated that they voted in the 2004 presidential election. Determin

Nursing coordinator position

There are three nursing positions to be filled at Lilly Hospital. Position one is the day nursing supervisor; position two is the night nursing supervisor; and position thre

Problem regarding the upper semicontinuous

If f is upper semicontinuous on a compact space S, show that for some t ∈ S, f (t ) = sup f := sup{ f (x ): x ∈ S}. Hint: Let an ∈ R, an ↑ sup f . Consider f -1((-∞, an ))

What is probability that exactly four sets detect missile

A missile protection system consists of n radar sets operating independently, each with a probability of .9 of detecting a missile entering a zone that is covered by all of

Controllable method of increasing the precision

What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision (narrowing) of the confidence interval? What percentage of times will the mean (population proportion) not be

Separate stem-and-leaf plots for the number of cases

Grocery retailer. A large, national grocery retailer tracks productivity and costs of its facilities closely. Data below were obtained from a single distribution center for

Calculate the percent of total deaths from each cause

Calculate the percent of total deaths from each cause, and display the results in a pie chart. From the death rate (per 100,000 population) for heart disease, calculate th

Firm that specializes in the distribution of bicycles

Quality Bikes is a wholesale firm that specializes in the distribution of bicycles. In the past, the company has maintained ample inventories of bicycles to enable filling o


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