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Suppose you analyze three phenotypes in the common fruit fly Drosophila (A,B,D). The recessive alleles causing mutant phenotypes are represented by a,b, and d.

A test cross is performed between a trihybrid female with the wild type phenotype and a male with the three recessive phenotypes. The following progeny are obtained:

Class Phenotype Number
1 AbD 73
2 Abd 140
3 ABD 3
4 abD 766
5 aBd 80
6 ABd 756
7 abd 1
8 aBD 158
Total 1000

A. Why do these data indicate genetic linkage of the three loci.

B. What is the order of the loci?

C. What are the alleles on each of the homologous chromosomes of the trihybrid female?

D. What are the recombination distances between each adjacent pair of loci?

E. What is the interference value for these data?

Reference no: EM13110275

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