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The order of a leaf node in B+ tree is the maximum number of (value, data, record pointer) pairs it can hold. Given that the block size is 1K bytes, data record pointer is 7 bytes long the value field is 9 bytes long and a block pointer is 6 bytes long, What is the order of the leaf node?

Reference no: EM13960270

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Source and destination files both exist. Script shall prompt for permission to overwrite the destination file. If permission is denied, program will display message and term

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A simple database with a single table contains data concerning car registration. The table contains four fields that store data relating to registration number (unique), ma

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Importing and Analyzing Data for Johnson Equipment-Johnson Equipment, the medium-sized laboratory equipment manufacturing company where you work, is in the process of acquiri

Design a simple dashboard for your data warehouse

Use SSIS perform ETL on the invoice data to populate the data warehouse, in doing so you should demonstrate the use of SSIS filters/expressions and SQL where appropriate - C


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