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The Alpha Beta Corporation makes laser and inkjet printers for personal computers. Each laser printer yields $40 in profits and each ink jet printer provides $20. Each of the printers goes through two assembly areas: Dept. A and Dept. B. The following table provides processing times per unit (in minutes) as well as total available processing times per department: Printer Dept. A Dept. B Laser 9 12 Inkjet 6 8 Total available time per day 216 384 Sales commitments require at least 5 laser printers and 10 inkjet printers to be made per day. The company is interested in determining how many of each printer to produce so as to maximize its profit. a. What is the objective function for this LP problem? b. What are the constraints? c. What is the optimal production quantity for each printer? d. How much profit the manufacturer earn with optimal production quantities?

Reference no: EM132184849

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