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1. Hammett, Inc. has sales of $19,570, costs of $9, 460, depreciation expense of $2,130, and interest expense of $1,620. If the tax rate is 35 percent, what is the operating cash flow, or  OCF?

Reference no: EM13941708

Assembling and training a committee

Triano Brothers, an insurance firm, follows an administrative procedure for measuring the relative worth of its jobs. The organization does this by assembling and training a

Explain how many cases should doc order each time he places

His approximate d cost to carry 1 case of whiskey is $52 dollars per case per year. He approximates that it costs $21 to place a whiskey order. Explain how many cases shoul

Explain how this impacted other levels of the organization

Research ways that Information Systems have been misused. Using the Internet, find an example of an organization that has misused Information Systems. Identify the level of th

Seeds of mistrust at freedom airlines-about labor relations

Former Freedom Airlines (FA) chairman Bob Crandall is widely acclaimed as an airline executive who not only made Freedom Airlines a success, but changed the whole airline dram

Plasma high-definition television sets

Signal Sets Company contracts to deliver one hundred 52-inch plasma high-definition television sets to a new retail customer, Tuner TV Store, on May 1, with payment to be made

When implementing change on team

When implementing a change on a team, what steps would you recommend to help the change go more smoothly? What is the most difficult thing you expect to face when trying to le

Ethical conduct of our culture versus the foreign culture

How can a North American company operating abroad balance the different points of view of social responsibility and ethical conduct of our culture versus the foreign culture?

Which would increase regular output to a steady

Which would increase regular output to a steady 350 units a month, not using any overtime, and using subcontracting to make up needed output. Determine the total cost of tha


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