What is the objective of compensation in the workplace

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1. Define the terms Performance Management, Performance Evaluation, and Performance Feedback and explain how each of the three tools is used in the workplace.  

2. What is the objective of compensation in the workplace and what are two factors affecting compensation?

3. Name two compensation methods and explain the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees. 

4. Why do employers offer benefits; provide an example of a mandated benefit and an example of a voluntary benefit. 

5. What are two methods to determine whether a firm is demonstrating effective management of its benefits programs?

6. Define the terms Labor Relations, Labor Unions, and Collective Bargaining; what is the collective bargaining process?

7. What are the elements in the disciplinary process and name the first step in the disciplinary interview and what would a manager do in this step?

8. What are two key elements that lead to an effective training program for a new employee?

9. What are the stages of career planning; name one factor that influences choices in career planning.

10. What are two safety/health hazards in the workplace and how do they affect employees; what is OSHA and what is their purpose?

Reference no: EM13903248

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