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Suppose a firm invests $100 in a new, one-year project. At the end of the year, the investment has earned a rate of return of 12% on that investment. At the end of the year, the firm takes its 12% return and sells the original investment for $100, so the total cash inflow at the end of Year 1 is $100 plus the cash return. If the firm has a 12% cost of capital, what is the NPV (the net present value) of this investment?

  • $0
  • $12
  • $112
  • $88
  • $100

Reference no: EM131206116

How close did the fly come to the origin

Refer to the application at the beginning of the lesson. Suppose the Buridan Paradigm tracks a fruit fly whose path is modeled by the polar equation r = 6 sec (θ - 15°), wh

How do you solve this problem without maple

Solve the differential equation with Maple and use your solution to determine the unique value of b so that u(0) will exist. How do you solve this problem without Maple? Cre

How the output signal of a single nand gate can be applied

An integrated-circuit logic family has NAND gates with fan-out of 5 and buffer gates with fan-out of 10. Show how the output signal of a single NAND gate can be applied to 5

Identify and confirm proper implementation of such analytics

How does one evaluate the types of tracking beacon variables passed to the analytics platform collection servers? How do tracking beacon audits help ensure reliable data col

Are the semantics unambiguous now

The little languages presented in Section have ambiguous semantics. For example, in the location language, does "not host1 or host2" mean "not at host1 and not at h

Create the first drawing on the left

Create the first drawing on the left in Fig. 16-12. Don't worry about exact sizes and locations, but do use snap and ortho. Then use FILLET to change it to the second drawin

Culture and values through films and television

The United States has been accused of exporting its culture and values through films and television. Sometimes referred to as "Coca-Colonization," the mass exportation of Am

Er diagram for the sales process

Based on the above scenario, assume Joe's Pizzeria plans to construct a ER model for the sales process. Identify the economic resources, agents, economic events and at least


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