What is the northern latitude limit of this soil order

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Look at picture 2 to answer next questions:

1. Distribution of Oxisols-

1. What is the northern latitude limit of this soil order?
2. What is the southern latitude limit of this soil order?
3. What two latitude zones does this latitudinal range span (see Figure 2.11 in your textbook)

2. Distribution of Ultisols-

1. What is the northern latitude limit of this soil order?
2. What is the southern latitude limit of this soil order?
3. Which two latitude zones (Figure 2.11) does this latitudinal range span in addition to the two identified for question 1c?

3. In the US, what clay rich soil order is only extensively found in southeast Texas?

4. Distribution of the four major Alfisol suborders-

1. Which Alfisol suborder is only found in Boreal forest regions of the northern hemisphere?
2. Between the Udalf and Ustalf suborders, which is found in warmer climates?
3. Which Alfisol suborder is found in areas with a Mediterranean climate (in the northern hemisphere this is the northern Mediterranean coast and much of California, US)?

5. Which soil order has a high content of mineral quartz and is primarily associated with areas covered by the great northern hemisphere ice sheets of the Pleistocene Epoch?

6. Which soil order is associated with major grassland regions?

7. Which soil order is associated with major desert regions?

8. The world soil map does not include Histosols, Entisols, Inceptisols, and Andisols because these are of local occurrence. Which of these:

1. would you find on recent volcanic ash?
2. would you find in a peat bog?
3. would you find on a very recent sedimentary deposit (no B horizon)?
4. would you find on a relatively recent sedimentary deposit (B horizon starting to form)?

Next, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles: Carbon and Nitrogen are transferred through the biosphere in two important biogeochemical cycles. These cycles are illustrated and described in figures 16.6 and 16.9 in your textbook. Identify whether each process described below applies to Carbon or Nitrogen.

1. Stored in carbohydrates and used as fuel for producers, consumers, and decomposers

2. Returned to the atmosphere by burning or combustion

3. Returned to the atmosphere by denitrifying bacteria

4. Stored in coal deposits formed from bodies of ancient trees that did not fully decay before they were buried

5. Converted from many forms by decomposers into ammonia

6. Stored in natural gas and oil deposits probably formed from the burial of marine organisms in the geological past

7. Converted to ammonia (fixed) by nitrogen-fixing algae, bacteria, and legumes

8. Removed from the atmosphere and stored in carbohydrates by photosynthesis

9. Returned to the atmosphere or into water by the weathering of limestone

10. Returned to the atmosphere by bacteria in sediments and soil (denitrification)

11. Incorporated into the shells of marine organisms and deposited in thick seabed deposits

12. Transported into marine and aquatic ecosystems by runoff.

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Reference no: EM131135997

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