What is the new breakeven point

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A plant hire company purchases a mobile crane for £120,000. It plans to charge £190 a day for hiring out the crane. For each day on which it is hired out the company expects to incur variable costs of £40.

(a) Work out how many days the company needs to hire out the crane in order to break even.

(b) If the variable costs are actually £55 and the hire charge has to be reduced to £180 per day, what is the new breakeven point?

Reference no: EM131404662

How many units you want to order

The purchase price is $150 per unit and the retail price is $300 per unit. After the holiday, you dump unsold units to leftover.com with price $50 per unit. Build a decision

Determine the present worth at time zero

For total yearly payments of $5000 for 10 years, compare the compound amount accumulated at the end of 10 years if the payments are (a) end-of-year, (b) weekly, and Cc) cont

Find the total real power supplied in kw

Two balanced, three-phase, wye-connected loads are in parallel across a balanced, three-phase supply. Load 1 draws 15 kVA at 0.8 power factor lagging, and load 2 draws 20 kV

100 psia as the steam is admitted to the cylinder

(1) Determine the mass and the temperature of the steam in an insulated piston-cylinder arrangement if sufficient steam is admitted to displace the piston by one cubic foot. T

Octane to water using the change in multiplicities

Calculate the ?S for the transfer of one mole of octane to water using the change in multiplicities assumed for the first shell of water molecules surrounding

Combination of humans and equipment interacting

Human-Machine systems defined as a combination of humans and equipment interacting to achieve some desired result. Types of human-machine systems are Manual systems, Mechani

Calculate the current flowing in the conductor

Problem: A 500mm conductor inside an electric motor has a force of 1.5 newtons exerted on it. If it is at right angles to a magnetic field of flux density 0.6 T, calculate t

Define grams of tin and lead

Grams of tin and lead, An alloy is 7 parts tin and 3 parts lead. How many grams of each are in 40g of the alloy? Let x= the number of grams of tin in the 40g of the alloy.


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