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Select an information system used by a medium to large organization. The organization can be in the public or private sector, and it can be one with which you are personally familiar or one for which information is readily available.

What is the nature of the organization you have selected, its mission and the high-level purpose of their information system? Who is the owner of the system? If you were the owner of the system, describe how you would see the system processes from that viewpoint. Who are the users of the system? If you were one of the system users, describe how you would see the system processes from that viewpoint. If you were the system designer, describe the system processed from that viewpoint. What are the essential differences in viewpoints? Your answers to the above questions should be formatted into an APA style paper. Your paper should be clear and concise, consisting of three- to five- double-spaced pages.

Reference no: EM13786876

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