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1. Provide an overview of the structure and operation of the feature film industry in Canada. Historically, what have been the major problems/issues facing this industry and Canadian feature film? Realistically, what might be done about these problems? Given the history and current situation what do you think the future holds for the Canadian feature film industry?

2. What roles can community media play in providing alternatives to dominant media sources? What challenges or limitations do community media face, including those resulting from commercial pressures and influences? Starting from these general questions, develop a case study of one specific community media source.

3. What is concentration of media ownership? Why is it an issue in Canada? Is allowing foreign companies to hold majority ownership of Canadian media companies a possible solution to this problem? Why or why not?

4. Historically, what role has the CBC played in the Canadian broadcasting system? With the proliferation of communications technology, and what some claim to be ever expanding choice in media products, is there a future for the CBC and public broadcasting? Discuss.

5. What are "Canadian content" regulations? Why were they implemented? How do they operate? Have they been successful? Why or why not? Should they be replaced by some other mode of regulation? Should they just be dropped? Discuss.

6. What is "media imperialism"? Focusing your research either on Canada or another country/region, discuss how media imperialism manifests itself there. What are the ways in which that country or region has responded to this perceived threat? Are there limits to the concept of 'media imperialism?

7. What is the National Film Board (NFB)? What role has it played in the development of film in Canada? What issues currently face it? What do role do you think the NFB should play in the future?

Reference no: EM13261401

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