What is the name or industry of the company under review

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For this assignment you are asked to do the following:

Make ONE original post to the discussion during the first half of the week (Monday through Thursday during the week assigned on the course schedule.)

· You will choose an organization that served as your previous or current place of employment. If you have limited work experience, you may choose to focus on an organization where you completed an internship or held a part-time job.

· Then, you will reflect on your time in that organization, and draft a list of examples of the formal cultural systems within the organization and a list of examples of the informal cultural systems within the organization.

· For your first discussion post, you should use the material in chapter 5, especially the questions in Table 5.1 (p. 202) and Table 5.2 (p. 203), to guide your analysis. In your post, you will address the following questions:

What is the name or industry of the company under review, and how long have you been a member of the organization?

[NOTE: Either the name or industry is sufficient, please list what you are comfortable including.]

Are the ethical culture systems aligned to support ethical behavior or unethical behavior?

Or, are the ethical culture systems misaligned (i.e., sending mixed messages)? Define the alignment or misalignment of the formal and informal systems, and include at least 4 specific examples. Please keep your responses to no more than 4 paragraphs

Reference no: EM132280917

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