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During the past 10-15 years, the field of clinical psychology has slowly been moving towards "evidenced based practice," or using treatments which are supported by research due to effectiveness. However, when most people feel depressed, anxious, moody, etc and seek out a treatment provider, they do not hear much about their "treatment options."

This assignment requires you to to identify a mental illness then select a treatment manual to review. In the paper, you will describe the mental illness, key symptoms, prognosis, effective treatment types, and finally, the treatment you selected. There are many workbooks (below) that can be found in the university library, public library, or bookstores. Additionally, most of them are available online for $10-20. Read the workbook, apply some of the activities or assignments, and provide your reaction, using the detailed rubric (scoring form) that will be added in a couple weeks.

Page 1- Title Page: Your Name, Paper Name, Class Name, Date (each on separate lines, double-spaced, centered)

Page 2 Title on Top of Page

1. Paragraph 1: First sentence should describe the nature of the assignment (read a book about mental illness X, review treatment, provide your feedback about treatment). The rest of the paragraph should describe the mental illness (proper DSM name), key traits, relevant data (who gets it more often), severity, etc.

2. Paragraph 2: Describe the book you selected. What is the name of the treatment category it falls under? (behaviorism, cognitive, etc). Describe basic concepts of the theory. Provide an overview of the treatment described in the book. To whom is this book written (kids, adults, family, etc)

Pages 3-5

3. Paragraph 3: Describe whether you believe this would be a "good treatment." Think about if YOU would want to be on the receiving end of the treatment or think about a loved one. Then, select 3 main reasons WHY you beleive the treatment is effective or desirable. Select one reason and explore it fully in this paragraph. Provide three minireasons per BIG reason to support your opinion.

4. Paragraph 4: Use this paragraph to explore the second main reason you believe the treatment would be good/bad. Again, support this big idea with 3-5 mini ideas.

5. Paragraph 5: Use this paragraph to explore the third main reason you believe the treatment would be good/bad. Again, support this big idea with 3-5 mini ideas.

6. Conclusion. Wrap up the paper. Again, restate the purpose of the paper/assignment. Re-state the disorder and treatment. Describe in 3-4 sentences the 3 main reasons you favor or not like the treatment described.

Final Page- References in APA style.

Reference no: EM132280812

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