What is the motivation for the study

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Case Assignment

For the Case Assignment, you will write a 2- to 4-page paper describing the leadership topic that you will be researching and focusing on for this entire course. Please select a topic that you are highly interested in and that will help you in your current/future organization.
This section contains a fairly detailed description of the research question and problem to be studied. The following should be addressed in this section:

What is the motivation for the study?

Why is the problem important?

What new knowledge will your research bring to the field of leadership?

Reference no: EM13859197

Describe project that could be created to resolve problem

Consider a company with which you are familiar (other than a company that you used for your project throughout this class). Identify a problem and describe the project that

The program should display an error message

Implement a C++ program that open the file product_price.txt in input mode and another filehighest_lowest_prices.txt in output mode. If the files cannot be opened, the program

Corporation engaged in the manufacturing of shoes

In April 2004, Main Corp., a New York corporation engaged in the manufacturing of shoes, formed a subsidiary corporation, Sub Corp. and transferred to Sub Corp. title to Black

Healthcare marketing in an hco''s strategic planning process

What is the role of healthcare marketing in an HCO's strategic planning process? Provide an example. Be sure to identify and discuss basic marketing elements. Be sure to discu

Application of international law

Monarch Associates, a U.S. computer parts manufacturer, entered into a joint venture with a Russian computer technology company, Vladir Unlimited. The joint venture agreement

New technological is always being introduced

New technological is always being introduced.  Create a list of two of the most important criteria that would help an organization determine when to upgrade or make a new tech

Search the internet to find one company

Search the Internet to find one company (supplier) that sells an electronic procurement system (ERP) or electronic data interchange (EDI).  Identify the features, capabilities

Electronics design engineer in a major corporation

1. Sadie works as an electronics design engineer in a major corporation. Sadie's average work queue (including the job she is currently working on) averages 10 design projects


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