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Scenario 1: Ken, who was diagnosed with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), engages in sexual intercourse with several women, including Barbie. He does not inform any of the women or Barbie that he has AIDS. As a result, Barbie contracts AIDS and dies from the disease 2 years later.

Can Ken be convicted of a homicide offense? Explain and justify your answer.

If Barbie does not die, what are the possible charges? Explain.

As part of your answer, define homicide, discuss the elements of a homicide, and explain the concept of general intent.

Scenario 2: Vincent was desperately ill with a particularly virulent and painful form of cancer. He was permanently hospitalized and quite helpless because he was in constant pain, with little relief from medication. The cancer was terminal. Vincent's daughter, Lori, is devoted to her father. She visited him every evening in the hospital and spent many hours with him on the weekend. Vincent pleaded with Lori, "Please put me out of my misery. I'm in such terrible pain." The doctors and nurses also heard Vincent's cries of intense pain and anguish. One afternoon, Lori visited her father. He begged her again to end his life. Lori pulled out a gun kissed her father and shot him. He died instantly. Lori became hysterical and repeatedly kissed the face of her dead father. The police were called, and Lori was charged with Vincent's death.

What is the most serious offense Lori can be convicted of? Explain.

Include the elements of the crime.

If Lori is convicted of a less serious offense, what would it be? Explain.

Scenario 3: Larry had a few too many drinks with his girlfriend. They had been dating for a few months, and he was tired of her playing games and not having sex with him. Late that night, he forces himself on her and tries to have sex with her. She protests. He refuses to let her leave unless she has sexual intercourse with him. She relents and has sex with him. Afterwards, she tries to leave, and he will not let her. Instead, he physically removes his girlfriend against her will from the living room of his apartment to an upstairs bedroom of his neighbor's vacant home. He locks the door over her protest and keeps her there for over 24 hours.

What crime(s) can Larry be charged with? Explain the elements of each crime.

Reference no: EM13820610

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