What is the most likely system acquisition method
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Each student will write a literature review of NOT more than 2000 words. The review should demonstrate that the student has thoroughly researched their topic. Students should use examples of business practice from the scholarly journals papers, conferences, books and professional magazines to support their arguments The literature review would be on an organisation (company) that is using accounting software packages in Australia. The research would cover:

PART 1 -

1. The current organizational structure

2. What operational problems (e.g., inefficiency, errors) do you think the organization could experience because of this structure?

3. What is the most likely system acquisition method- commercial software, custom software, or ERP?

4. Describes and prepare a system flowchart of the sales procedures for the chosen organisation (company)

5. Identify any control problems in the system and what sorts of fraud are possible in this system?

PART 2 -

1. Development and adoption of the accounting software packages,

2. The current market size,

3. Identify the leaders in the market and what gives them the competitive advantage,

4. Identify the current gaps or challenges encountered by users or customers of accounting software/packages and make relevant suggestions or recommendations.

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    Research reports are to be presented in hard copy in size 12 Times New Roman or 10 Calibri Font and double spaced. The research should include a list of at least 5 references used in the research report and a bibliography of the wider reading done to familiarize oneself with the topic.

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    Hard-copy to tutors/lecturers assignment box and a copy of the first page of the report generated from SAFE ASSIGN attached to it. Soft copy to self-check and Final Submission. Information is well organized. Correct layout including times new roman, font size 12 orcalibri, font size10, double spaced. About the right length. Very well written, excellent paraphrasing and proper grammar and punctuation are used throughout. Introduces the topic of the research report in an extremely engaging manner which arouses the reader's interest. Gives a detailed general background and indicates the overall "plan".

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    Substantial range of appropriate and current, supportive evidence Logical, insightful, original discussion with well connected paragraphs. Evidence of full engagement with the literature found, with relevant and detailed analysis. An interesting, well written summary of the main points. An excellent final comment on the subject, based on the in format. Correct referencing (Harvard) All quoted material in quotes and acknowledged. All paraphrased material acknowledged. Correctly set out reference list and bibliography included.

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