What is the most likely genotype of the man

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Cystic fibrosis is a human disease caused by an autosomal recessive mutation. About 1 in 22 people in the human population are heterozygous carriers and have no symptoms of the disease. A woman who has a brother with CF marries a man who has no history of CF in his family. a) What are the possible genotypes of the woman? b) What is the most likely genotype of the man? c) What is the percentage of offspring that would be affected with CF, depending upon the genotype of the mother?

Reference no: EM13141136

Disaccharide show apositive reaction

What is the name of the term or law that allows traits to skipa generation and appear in the next? How can we decide which monosaccharide or a disaccharide show apositive reac

Explain the the molecular weight of the protein

When using a normal polyacrlamide gel or native gel the distance that a protein travels through the gel is not neccessarily proportional to the molecular weight of the prote

Computer programs that scan double-stranded dna

Computer programs that scan double-stranded DNA for regions that potentially encode polypeptides have been developed. How many potential reading frames do these programs hav

Role of phytochemical supplements in prevention of diseases

Discuss, from the mechanistic, evidence-based, and public health policy points of view, the possible role of phytochemical supplements in prevention of chronic diseases (e.g

Find disadvantages of taking low dose aspirin

It has been proposed that daily low dose aspirin can be used for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. However there are risks associated with taking aspirin. Outlin

Combinations of phenotypesand genotypes

A child is born with a rare genetic disease, Tay sachs syndrome. Determine what are/is the possible combinations of phenotypesand genotypes the parents of this child will have

At what ph do you expect the enzymes to be most active

lysosomes are cell organelles that contain enzymes such as lipase in an acidic environment. I want to test the effect of pH on the activity of enzymes of enzymes extracted f

Computing the risk factors for myocardial infarction

Set up the suitable two-by-two table and determine a measure of association between current smoking and myocardial infarction. Determine a measure of the excess risk of myocar


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