What is the most economical order quantity

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A firm machinery manufacture requires 7,000 air filters per year as replacement parts on mechanical harvesters. The filters cost $3 each and are stored in rented facilities at a cost of $.35 per unit-year, with storage requirements based upon the maximum number of units purchased at one time, Q. The interest Ccarrying) costs, based upon average inventory, are $.30 per unit-year, and the firm uses $35 per order as the ordering cost. What is the most economical order quantity?

Reference no: EM131118405

Ideological differences drove diplomacy

Post WWII ideological differences drove diplomacy, which resulted in a significant split between the United States and the USSR. In this paper, you will use footnotes and prov

Epidemic levels of cheating on exams

"Epidemic" levels of cheating on exams. Increasing levels of students missing assignment deadlines & submitting late work expecting similar grades as the majority that meet th

What is the present value of each investment

Investment B requires an initial investment of $45,000 but will return $60,000 in two years. You choose a discount rate of 10% to make your decision. Q-3a: What is the prese

Plot cumulative demand and a level aggregate production plan

The Sohn Aerospace Division of Sohnco has a forecast for the first three months of next year is. Plot cumulative demand and a level aggregate production plan with no back orde

Delivering quality service in diverse global environment

As the global economy expands, opportunities exist to deal profitably with a diverse customer base. However, diversity presents in many different ways. Discuss some of the iss

Security problems resulting from software defects

Realistically, users have no control over software at the code level, but there are steps a user can take to avoid the security problems resulting from software defects. What

Career development program on employee attrition

Describe the impact of a career development program on employee attrition, equal employment opportunity, quality of work life and competitiveness of the organization. Rate you

How does this compare with the education signaling models

Suppose that a delivery person named Clifford (player 2) is to deliver a package to a house with a chihuahua (player 1) in the yard. The yard around the house is fenced, but t


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