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1. What is the moral point of view and why is it important? Does it make sense to say that business people must operate from the perspective of the moral point of view? Why, or why not?

2. There are rather clear utility exchanges are made between policies of due process and EAW. What are some ways that you can imagine that the utility losses required by a policy of due process may be minimized (or inherent inefficiencies you potentially see in EAW policies)?

3. Explain John Boatright's main arguments in "What's Wrong-and What's Right-with Stakeholders Management." Provide two objections to his thesis. Do you agree or disagree with his position.

4. Epstein claims that the positions of both employers and employees are essentially even with regard to EAW. Do you find this line argument convincing? Why or why not?

5. Central to Duska's discussion is his conception of loyalty. Do you find his account of loyalty convincing? What elements of it might you disagree with? What implications might an altered conception of loyalty have on his contention that whistle-blowing does not require moral justification?


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Reference no: EM13650044

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