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The member’s meeting is not necessary at the registered office, it can be held anywhere but the main venue of the meeting should be in the malaysia and the premier shall be attend at the main venue of the meeting under the section 327(2). Subject to the constitution, the company can gather all of the meeting members at more than one venue in the same time using the way of technology or any method that can enables the member to exercise and participate in the meeting and give the members’ rights to speak and vote at the meeting related in section 327(1).


What is the meaning of quorum? Quorum is represented the minimum number of members who must be attend at the meeting. Under the section 328(1), if the company only have one person of member, the one member should attend a meeting and shall constitute a quorum. But in section 328(2), the company have two or more member, the company have to provides at least two members must be present at a meeting or by proxy shall be a quorum unless the number of member are designated in the constitution. In section 328(4), all of the company cannot transacted the number of present the meeting unless the quorum is present at time when the meeting proceeds. However, for the aim of establish a quorum, one or more proxies or representatives are assigned by a person or corporation shall be counted as one member under section 321(3).

Reference no: EM132233991

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