What is the lowest score that nandan can get

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To get a C in history, Nandan must average 74 on four tests. Scores on the first three tests were 69, 74, and 65. What is the lowest score that Nandan can get on the last test and still receive a C?

Reference no: EM13215938

Medicine and clinical studies - compute the p value

Assume the underlying population is normal and σ = 0.04. Is there any evidence to suggest that the true mean percentage of 8h is different from 1%? Use a = 0.01 and compute

John went to see the doctor about a severe headache

John went to see the doctor about a severe headache. The doctor selected John at random to have a blood test for swine flu, which is suspected to affect 1 in 5,000 people in

Hypothesis testing-e-commerce website

The cost of an e-commerce website can vary a great deal. A market research team hypothesized that the cost of an average website is $3500.

Probability of type one and type two error

Answer the following questions using the null hypothesis as "the individual does not have the disease." a. What is the probability of Type I error? (Round your answer to 2 dec

What is the effect size value

If the salary and compa mean tests in questions 2 and 3 provide different results about male and female salary equality, which would be more appropriate to use in answering th

Explain justification for normality in given situation

difference between the population proportions. You may assume the samples are independent. Which of the following gives the justification for normality in this situation?

Define independent and mutually exclusive events

18 people were poled and 10 said they have shopped at Wal-Mart and 8 said they have shopped at Target. 4 said they shopped at both. What is the probability that the group sh

Consecutive positions in the code

If the code does not start with a vowel, then there must be 2 consecutive positions in the code which contain the same vowel. (For instance, both baal and blaa are acceptabl


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