What is the longitudinal strain under this load

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A 4 meter long steel plate with a rectangular cross section (10mm x 50mm) is resting on a frictionless surface under the sun. The plate temperature is measured to be at 40 degrees Celsius. The plate is then moved into a cold room and is left to rest on a frictionless surface. After several hours, the plate temperature is measured to be at 5 degrees Celsius. The steel has a modulus of elasticity equal to 200000 MPa and a coefficient of thermal expansion equal to 1.1 x 10^-5 m/m/degress C.

A) what is the length of shrinkage?

B)what tension load is needed to return the length to the original value of 4 meters?

C)what is the longitudinal strain under this load?

Reference no: EM13555051

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