What is the line in the new coordinate system

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A line is represented by two end points (-1,0,0) and (2,0,0). The coordinate system is rotated 90 degrees about the y axis and then the orgin is moved to (2,2,2). What is the line in the new coordinate system? I need help on using this with homogeneous matrix transformations

Reference no: EM13704638

What would the resulting resistance coefficient be

Note in Figs. 10.10 and 10.11 that the minimum energy loss for a gradual contraction (K = 0.04 approximately) occurs when the cone angle is in the range of 15° to 40°. Make

What is the average inventory and the order point

A company stocks an SKU with a weekly demand of 500 units and a lead time of 4 weeks. Management will tolerate one stockout per year. If sigma for the lead time is 100 and t

Estimate the magnitudes of kinetic and potential energy

If the fluid originates from a large tank with nearly zero velocity and flows vertically downward for its 2-m length, estimate the magnitudes of kinetic and potential energy

Problem regarding the motion of the car

The "flying car" is a ride at an amusement park which consists of a car having wheels that roll along a track mounted inside a rotating drum. By design the car cannot fall o

One cubic meter of argon initially

One cubic meter of argon initially at 300 K is compressed such that the change in the specific enthalpy is -0.27 kJ/kg-K and the temperature is reduced 100 K. Determine the fi

Determine the velocity va

The catapult is used to launch a ball such that it strikes the wall of the building at the maximum height of its trajectory. If it takes 1.5 s to travel from A to B, determi

Estimate of the cooling water demands of the facility

Preliminary cost estimates for a 1 million-Kw nuclear-powered thermal power station require an estimate of the cooling water demands of the facility. For purposes of this esti

What is the aircraft flight path angle

Draw a side view of the aircraft indicating the relevant aircraft-fixed and ground axes with origins at the aircraft center of mass; also draw the velocity vector and indica


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