What is the lenders yield rate on this entire investment

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A twenty-year loan of $25000 is negotiated with the borrower agreeing to repay principal and interest at 5%. A level payment of $1500 will apply during the first ten years, and a higher level payment will apply over the remaining ten years. Each time the lender receives a payment from the borrower, he will deposit the portion representing principal into a sinking fund with an annual effective interest rate of 4%. (This is the amount for replacement capital). What is the lender's yield rate on this entire investment?

Reference no: EM13977950

Monthly charge cookie cutter should pay for lockbox system

It takes Cookie Cutter Modular Homes, Inc., about six days to receive and deposit checks from customers. Cookie Cutter’s management is considering a lockbox system to reduce t

Evaluating two different silicon wafer milling machines

You are evaluating two different silicon wafer milling machines. The Techron I costs $237,000, has a three-year life, and has pretax operating costs of $62,000 per year. The T

What is the implied risk-free rate

The prices of European call and put options on a non-dividend-paying stock with 12 months to maturity, a strike price of $120, and an expiration date in 12 months are $20 and

You own a security that provides an annual dividend

You own a security that provides an annual dividend of $170 forever. The security’s annual return is 7%. What is the present value of this security? Round your answer to the n

What is the coupon rate on the bond

If the coupon rate on the bond is 8% today, and inflation is 3% per year, what is the coupon rate on the bond in 3 years? Assume a par of $1,000, and a coupon rate of 5.3%.If

Projects competing for the firms fixed capital budget

Galaxy Satellite Co. is attempting to select the best group of independent projects competing for the firm's fixed capital budget of $10,000,000. Any unused portion of this bu

What is the dividend growth rate g for this stock

A stock is selling for $50 in the market. The company's beta is 1.2, the market risk premium (rM - rF) is 5%, and the risk-free rate is 3%. The most recent dividend paid is D0

Small business owner visits her bank to ask for loan

A small business owner visits her bank to ask for a loan. The owner states that she can repay a loan at $1,700 per month for the next three years and then $3,400 per month for


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