What is the largest independent police association

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1. What is the largest independent police association?





Question 2. Which statement about the use of the polygraph or voice stress detection equipment is not accurate?

Agency employees normally cannot be compelled to submit to such an examination.

Results of this form of examination rarely can be used in disciplinary hearing or appeals even if given voluntarily by an agency employee.

The polygraph or voice stress detection equipment is relatively useless when dealing with complaints and other civilian witnesses.

The use of polygraph and voice stress equipment in administrative investigations is controversial.

Question 3. Which of the following are not affiliated with other unions and represent only police personnel?

Local police associations

Interdependent police associations

Interdepartmental police unions

Independent police associations

Question 4. Which of the following is not a fact that should be taken into consideration when applying discipline?

An employee's political contacts outside of the agency

Intentionally unintentional errors

Employee motivation

Degree of harm

Question 5. Which statement about the Americans with Disabilities Act is not correct?

It prohibited the use of physical agility test.

It was created to eliminate barriers to equal employment opportunity.

It was created to provide equal access to public accommodations, and the programs, services, and activities delivered by government entities.

Polygraph tests are not addressed specifically by the ADA.

Question 6. The author argues that the rise of police unions has reduced the management prerogatives of police executives.



Question 7. The union has encouraged all police officers to strictly enforce minor traffic violations that are usually ignored. This would be an example of a:

Work speed up

Work enhancement

Work frenzy

Work acceleration

Question 8. The 1985 landmark case that restricted the use of deadly force in effecting an arrest without significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others was:

Taylor v. Kelley

Smith v. City of West Point

Monell v. Georgia

Tennessee v. Garner

Bivens v. City of Chicago Police Department

Question 9. The two theories upon which liability resulting from sexual harassment may be found are:

Quid pro quo liability and hostile environment

Offensive environment and sexual privilege liability

Gender liability and negligence of training

Procedural liability and substantive liability

Question 10. Which of the following is not a frequent factor in determining the extent of pursuit-related liability?

Use of roadblocks and the continuation of the pursuit

The driving conditions, including the weather, a general assessment of equipment, and the experience of the drivers involved in the chase

The gender and age of the officer involved in the pursuit

Disobeying traffic laws and excessive speed

Reference no: EM131222197

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