What is the inventory turnover for the hamburger patties

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The Wendy’s fast-food restaurant on campus sells an average of 4,000 quarter-pound hamburgers each week. Hamburger patties are resupplied twice a week, and on average the store has 350 pounds of hamburger in stock. Assume that the hamburger costs $1.00 a pound. What is the inventory turnover for the hamburger patties? On average, how many days of supply are on hand?

Reference no: EM131273709

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Where are the best places in the world to live ( and work )? Where do you want to live and work? Do you want to work from home? Are you interested in working on global teams?

Discuss example of firm that faced supply chain disruption

Under what conditions might a company prefer to negotiate rather than use competitive bidding to select a supplier? Discuss an example of a firm that faced supply chain disrup


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