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Indigo Ink Supply paid a dividend of $4.5 last year on its common stock. It is expected that this dividend will grow at a rate of 8% for the next five years. After that, the company will settle into a slower growth pattern and plans to pay dividends that will grow at a rate of 3.6% per year. Investors require a return of 11% on the stock. a. What will be the dividend paid out for the next six years? (Round your answers to 4 decimal places.) D1 = $ D2 = $ D3 = $ D4 = $ D5 = $ D6 = $ b. What is the intrinsic value of Indigo’s stock? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) Intrinsic value

Reference no: EM131332220

Assume that average firm in the office supply business

Assume that an average firm in the office supply business has a 6% profit margin, a 40% total liabilities/assets ratio, a total assets turnover of 2 times, and a dividend payo

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Gugenheim, Inc. offers a 6.50 percent coupon bond with annual payments. The yield to maturity is 3.65 percent and the maturity date is 7 years. What is the market price of a $

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On a credit card that currently has a $7,500 balance and an interest rate of 14.99% (compounded monthly, charged on the outstanding balance at the end of each month), how long

Comparison of techniques to hedge payables

Comparison of Techniques to Hedge Payables, What is your new value for the money market hedge? Would this affect your initial decision from reading through section 11-2d? Disc

Estimate the effect of waiting on the projects risk

NPC is considering either to invest in a project for a new product immediately or 1 year later. If NPC invests in the project today, there will be 75% chance of good market ac

Projected balance in retained earnings using percent of sale

Ribbon Industries reported sales of $3 million and net income of $400,000 for 2010. The retained earnings balance at the end of 2012 is $7 million. Ribbon Industries has a div

What are at least three international accounting standards

What are at least three International Accounting Standards? Are these standards the same as U.S. standards? Explain your response. Is it necessary to have global standards? Ex

The cost of the additional cash discounts taken

In an effort to speed up the collection of receivables, Hill Publishing Company is considering increasing the size of its cash discount by changing its credit terms from “1/10


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