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A firm's cost function is TCi = a + bqi + c qi2, where a, b and c are positive constants a. Find its marginal cost function, and show that MC is increasing for all q. b. Find its average total cost function. Now, prove that at the quantity that minimizes ATC, MC = ATC. c. Suppose TCi = 1000 + 20 qi + .1 qi2 Find the firm's short run supply function, qi(P). If there are 3 identical firms in this market, what is the market supply function? If demand is Qd = 1000 15 P, what is the short run equilibrium price? What is each firm's profit or loss? What is the industry's consumer surplus? Is this market in long-run equilibrium? How can you tell? d. In the long run, what is each firm's optimal quantity? What is the long-run equilibrium price? How many firms will exist in the long run?

Reference no: EM13798309

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Find an article about an event that would cause productivity and costs to change within a single market. What event is altering productivity or costs? Did the event occur in t

Income tax-transfer scheme starting from initial endowment

Suppose there are two consumers, A and B, in an endowment economy. Each has preferences u=xy. The initial endowment for A is (4,16) and the initial endowment for B is (20,20).

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Three men claim to be the fastest gun in the West. To see who is right, they agree to meet at a desolate location in a desert. On a circular, cobblestoned area that is roughly

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Assume the firm is operating in a high-wage country, where capital cost is $100 per unit per day and labor cost is $80 per worker per day. For each level of output, elucidat


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