What is the incremental cash flow

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What is the incremental cash flow for a company that foregoes $8,000 pa in rental for factory space in order to mamnufacture a product that will return net cash inflows os $10,000 pa?

Reference no: EM132281473

Developed as a global application or as a local application

If you were a manager in a company that operates in many countries, what criteria would you use to determine whether an application should be developed as a global application

Explain in terms of the risk-return principle

Two restaurants are on the same block. One has been opened for 10 years and its a thriving business. The other one has been open for only a year. They both want to expand. Whe

Find marginal rate of substitution for indifference curve

show mathematicallt whether the mardinal utility for (X1) and (X2) is increasing or decreasing. Find the Marginal rate of substitution for the indifference curve generated by

Suppose you make equal quarterly deposit

Suppose you make equal quarterly deposit of $2,500 into a fund that pays interest at a rate of 8% per year compounded monthly. Find the balance at the end of year 2. Please pr

Distinguish between customs union and common market

A quarter century ago Canada, Mexico and the United States formed a customs union, known as NAFTA. This is not a common market, and indeed there are an estimated 7 to 10 milli

Demand equation for good

An MBA student has proposed the following demand equation for good Y. QdY = a + b PY + c M where: QdY = quantity demanded of good Y in millions of tons per year PY = Price of

Experience gains from trade

South Korea can produce a maximum of 600 million toaster ovens or 900 million tons of rice per year. The U.S. can produce a maximum of 700 million toaster ovens or 1,000 mil

Firm essentially controlled the remaining share of market

Suppose the European Union (EU) is investigating a proposed merger between two of the largest distillers of premium Scotch liquor. Based on some economists’ definition of the


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