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Leadership presentation

I need a personal interview one leader of his/her choice. Examples of leaders can include, but are not limited to, former or current managers or supervisors, educational leaders, civic/business leaders, and religious leaders. This interview can take place via phone, via e-mail, or in person. The questions below need to be answered in the interview.

1. What are the most important qualities an effective leader should have?

2. What is the importance of trust in leadership?

3. What are the qualities you want most in an employee? Why?

4. What is the role of effective communication in leadership?

5. How do you as a leader ensure all employees work effectively as a team?

6. Why is it important to be committed to the growth or yourself and employees, both personally and professionally?

After conducting the interview, I need to create a leadership profile of his/her chosen leader within a PowerPoint presentation (5-6 slides). Be sure to include the following in your individual leadership profile:

A slide that introduces your chosen leader

A summary of the answers to the interview questions

A description of the leadership model with which the leader seems most closely aligned

Reference no: EM13741803

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