What is the impact speed on the third plate

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A proton is travelling at a speed of 4 x 105 m/s moves into a series of charged parallel plates as shown below.

a) What is the impact speed on the third plate?

b) Why can you not use high-school kinematics to get the answer above for this situation?

Reference no: EM131333192

What is the balls speed relative to the ground

A boy on a skateboard coasts along at 6.0 m/s. He has a ball that he can throw at a speed of 10 m/s. What is the ball's speed relative to the ground if he throws the ball forw

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Two large speakers broadcast the sound of a band tuning up before an outdoor concert. The speed of sound on this particular day is 336.2 m/s. how far must he walk between "lo

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When a 0.20-kg block is suspended from a vertically hanging spring, it stretches the spring from its unstrained 0.005 m. find the total mechanical energy of the system at any

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A hawk flies in a horizontal arc of radius 12 m at a speed of 4 m/s, and increases its speed at the rate of 1.20 m/s2. Find the acceleration (and direction) under these cond

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An object gets a variable acceleration (in m/s2) that changes with time according to the equation: a(t)= 5.0-1.4t 0

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A plane mirror and the concave mirror (f = 8.70 cm) are facing each other and are separated by a distance of 23.0 cm. An object is placed between the mirrors and is 11.5 cm

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An electron is accelerated from rest by a potential difference V. It then enters a uniform magnetic field of magnitude B with its velocity perpendicular to the field. Find t


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