What is the impact of climate on community succession

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Q1 Identify the biome in which you live. What environmental factors are instrumental in maintaining this biome? What is the current environmental "health" of your biome? What do you predict your biome will look like in 200 years from now? Why? Write on PHOENIX AZ

Q2 What is the impact of climate on community succession? Give an example of how local landscape changes have influence succession in your area. On the global scale, how do you feel climate changes will influence local and regional succession patterns?

Q3 How might succession be influenced by the biome? Where do you think succession might occur most quickly, most slowly?

Q4: Don't like any of these questions? Ask one of your own, and then answer it.Note that your question should be substantive, just like your answer, and the question should be in a format that invites further discussion. Avoid questions like "Why are kittens cute?" or "Are sharks vicious?"

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Reference no: EM13161207

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