What is the genus of bacteria

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Q1. A scientist wants to grow human cells to use in an experiment. What must the scientist do to grow and maintain cells in the laboratory?

Q2. After contact with a patient's spinal fluid, a lab technician developed fever, nausea, and purple lesions on her neck and extremities. A throat culture grew gram-negative diplococci. What is the genus of bacteria?

Q3. You are conducting field work and discover two groups of squirrels living on opposite sides of a lake. How would you plan a study to find out whether these two groups belong to the same species?

Reference no: EM136429

The mutations in gyra and parc

Which of the following would be more likely to increase the resistance of bacteria to more than one class of antibiotics: the mutations in gyrA and parC, or the expression o

Will his calculated density differ from the true density

A student wants to determine the density of a pine cone. He weighs the cone and prepares to find its volume. He submerges the pine cone in a graduated cylinder filled with w

High blood pressure is most prevalent in family history

High blood pressure is most prevalent in my family history. -Coming from a Hispanic family, this does not surprise me as Hispanic people are more at risk for developing this

Differences between endotherms and exotherms

Differences between endotherms and exotherms. Definition and examples of epithelial tissue. (provide 1 example) Definition and examples of connective tissue. (provide 1 exampl

If plant or bacterial life is found outside the earth

What provides a shortest-term mechanism for preventing acid-base imbalances in the body? The longest-term mechanism? Describe each in specify.

Draw a restriction map of the plasmid

Draw a restriction map of the plasmid. Label the respective restriction sites (H and E for HindIII and Eco RI respectively) and indicate the distances between each of the fr

Physiological conditions

Under physiological conditions, [glucose] = 5 mM, [g-6-P] = 80 μM, and Pi = 1 mM. Under these conditions, will the reaction go spontaneously from left to right? [Note: th

What is the meaning of malt

what is the meaning of MALT,is it mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue,mean amylase/lipase turnover,mucosal absorbtion of lipids and triglycerides,marginally accetable lactose


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