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1. A male cat with brown eyes was born from a mother cat with blue eyes. In this species of cat, the eye color remains the same with age and only one gene is involved in determining eye color. Additionally, brown eyes (B) are dominant over blue eyes (b). What is the genotype of the male cat?

2. Human earlobes may be directly connected to the side of the face (attached) or hang freely (unattached). A woman and man are heterozygous for earlobe attachment. Unattached earlobes are dominant over attached earlobes. What is the chance they will have a child with unattached earlobes?

3. The IA allele and the IB allele for blood type are codominant and both are completely dominant over the i allele. A man with type A blood and a woman with type B blood have a child who is type O. What are their genotypes and is the phenotypic ratio of their children (if they have more kids) likely to be?

Reference no: EM13857785

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