What is the genotype of all persons mentioned

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1. Define the following: chromosome, chromatid, centromere, autosome, sex chromosome, gene, karyotype, pheontype, genotype, allele, dominant, recessive, incomplete dominance, codominance, heterozygous, homozygous, polygenic, multiple alleles, carrier

2. Black hair is dominant over blond hair. A women with black hair whose father had blond hair reproduces with a blond haired man. What are the chances of the couple having a blond-haired child?

3. A child has cystic fibrosis. His parents are normal. What is the genotype of all persons mentioned?

4. The genotype of a woman with type B blood is BO. The genotype of her husband is AO. What could be the genotypes and phenotypes of the children?

5. Describe the structure of DNA. How does it differ from RNA? What does the term complementary base pairing mean?

6. What are the two types of DNA testing for a genetic disorder? Briefly describe each.

Reference no: EM13894093

What are the physiological consequences of defect

Maria, a newborn baby, needs surgery because she was born with an aorta that rises from the right ventricle and a pulmonary trunk that issues from the left ventricle, a posi

Assuming that the chromosome is one dna double helix

E. coli chromosomes in which every nitrogen atom is labeled (that is, every nitrogen atom is the heavy isotope 15N instead of the normal isotope 14N) are allowed to replicat

Which antigens should be detected in the blood

A new blood-typing system was discovered in which two antigens, P and Q, are determined by a different allele of a gene named N. The alleles of these antigens are about equa

Calculate the ph of a solution

Chemistry question. Amphetamine (C9H13N) is a weak base with a pKb of 4.2. Calculate the pH of a solution containing an amphetamine concentration of 230 mg/L.

Explain the kind of deviation expected under each reason

Give two possible biological reasons for why the effective size of a population might differ from its census size. Explain the kind of deviation expected under each reason.

What does genetic counselling mean

What does Genetic Counselling mean? What do they do to the people - Can the baby take his/her look of the face from their aunts, uncles, guardians and cousins? Not just paren

The gametes are produced in the gonads

The gametes are produced in the gonads, within the seminiferous tubules.   epididymis   vas deferens   seminal vesicle

What is the superclan of lalamika

What is the "superclan of Lalamika"? What can they tell us about the history of slavery? Who is Rick Kettle and what did he learn about his ancestry from an analysis of his Y


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