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1. What is the future value of $4000 in 5 years if it is invested at an interest rate of 6.00%?

a. $5,300

b. $5,563

c. $5,353

d. $6,214

e. $6,431

2. Suppose your retirement goal is to accumulate $400 in 2.5 years. How much do you need to deposit in the bank today to meet your goal if the bank offers an interest rate 5.65%?

a. $321

b. $336

c. $482

d. $293

e. $349

3. What is the present value of 15 annual installments of $2000 paid at the end of each year and beginning at the end of the first year if the interest rate is 6.35%?

a. $15,336

b. $16,456

c. $17,838

d. $18,988

e. $20,765

4. How long does it take for a deposit of $1656 to triple in value if invested at the interest rate of 5.90%?

a. 19.16years

b. 20.25years

c. 21.26years

d. 22.38years

e. 23.56years

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