What is the freudian technique that encourages the patient

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Question 1 : Antianxiety drugs are also known as _______ and reduce anxiety by making individuals calmer and less excitable.

SSRI drugs



MAO inhibitors

Question 2 : Moniz developed a procedure known as _________, which involved severing the connections between specific brain structures.



a prefrontal lobotomy


Question 3 : In which of the following forms of therapy do the participants meet regularly to discuss topics of common interest without a professional therapist being present?

encounter groups

self-help groups

family systems therapy.

Gestalt therapy.

Question 4 : What is the Freudian technique that encourages the patient to say aloud whatever comes to mind?




free association

Question 5 : ___________ uses the principles of learning to reduce or eliminate maladaptive behavior.

Gestalt therapy

Behavior therapy


Client-centered therapy

Question 6 : Drugs are mainly used to treat which of the following disorders?

schizophrenia, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders

schizophrenia, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders

mood disorders, somatoform disorders, and schizophrenia

personality disorders, somatoform disorders, and dissociative disorders

Question 7 : _______ and _________ therapies have been found to be especially effective in treating anxiety and depressive disorders.

Gestalt and client-centered

Behavior and cognitive

Psychodynamic and Gestalt

Client-centered and psychodynamic

Question 8 : Contemporary psychoanalytic approaches, unlike Freud's psychoanalysis, recognize the role of:

unconscious conflict.

interpretation of dreams.

early childhood experiences.

the conscious mind and social relationships.

Question 9 : Removing or destroying brain tissue as a method to improve a person's adjustment is called:





Question 10 : An ethics code of mental health care professionals typically includes:

a willingness to try any technique to help a client.

the importance of sharing client information with other agencies.

avoiding social relationships with clients.

using techniques that are 100% effective.

Reference no: EM131437493

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