What is the frequency of the instantaneous power
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1-If the voltage is 106 V cos(84 rad/s t + 46°) and the current is 9 A cos(84 rad/s t + 72°), what is the frequency of the instantaneous power?

2- If the voltage is 101 V cos(47 rad/s t + 11°) and the current is 16 A cos(47 rad/s t + 67°), what is the average power? 

3-If the voltage is 104 V cos(74 rad/s t + 15°) and the current is 13 A cos(74 rad/s t + 68°), what is the reactive power?

4-If the voltage is 109 V cos(94 rad/s t + 33°) and the current is 13 A cos(94 rad/s t + 79°), what is the power factor angle?

5-If the voltage is 102 V cos(52 rad/s t + 33°) and the current is 18 A cos(52 rad/s t + 57°), what is the power factor?

6-If the voltage is 108 Vrms cos(92 rad/s t + 31°) and the current is 19 Arms cos(92 rad/s t + 66°), what is the average power? 

7-If the voltage is 113 Vrms cos(66 rad/s t + 21°) across a resistor of 78 ?, what is the average power? 

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